Darlene's Pet Sitting Services -
"Our exclusive pet sitters for about 2 years have been Darlene's Pet Sitting! We have met Darlene and Sandy, and both are sweet, caring people who love animals more than anyone we've met! They give our cat, Mango, plenty of loving attention and play while we are away on vacation. We can tell when we get back that she is calm and normal, unlike other times in the past when she would be restless and desperate for attention when we arrived home. Darlene and Sandy are also thorough and responsible, courteously taking care of our home as well as our dear Mango while we are away. We are so lucky that when we moved, we remained in their radius, and so we plan on staying with them indefinitely! As a bonus, they have the best prices in town, and you are getting much more than you pay for!"
- The Tidds and our cat Mango
 "I've known Darlene & Sandy for a number of years . They both love pets. If a pet is along on the street; Darlene and Sandy will stop , pick it up and try to find the owner or find it a good home. They love and treat pets as if they were theirs. They handle them with all the care and love that you would give to your pet. Thank you for hearing me."
"Ever since Darlene has started Darlene's Petsitting, they have been my overnight petsitter for every occassion. They take great care of my Pitbull, Casanova. I never have to worry about a thing-Darlene and Sandy both take the best care of Casanova. They treat him as if he was their pet and take the best care of him. Casanova always is so happy when I come home and I can tell he is well taken care of."
-Clarissa and my pitbull Casanova
Email from client.....
"Hi Darlene,
              Just wanted to Thank-You for taking care of Madeline. You sure did peg her when you said that she loves to have everything her way! Love your insightfulness! I definitely will be recommending you to my friends and will be a loyal customer in the future. Thank You so much,    Theresa"

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