Darlene's Pet Sitting Services -

Darlene's Pet Sitting Services  offers the best of all worlds for both pets and their owners.

  • Free meet and greet with pet sitter
  • References provided.
  • Owners need not go through the ordeal of transporting unhappy pets and worrying that they might be exposed to other animals' illnesses.
  • Your pet stays in their familiar environment, and maintains their diet and exercise routine.
  • Your pet avoids the stressful environment of a kennel situation.
  • Pet sitting takes the anxiety out of leaving your pet behind.
  • Allows owners to confidently leave their pets home, knowing that they'll receive the love and care they so rightly deserve, and trauma is minimized.
  • Home security checks done with each visit. Lights and curtains varied to keep home looking lived in.
  • Mail and newspapers taken in to home every day.
  • Trash taken out according to your instructions.
  • Water plants as per your instructions.
  • Family owned and operated small business.

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